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From http://oldercitizens.wordpress.com In this blog we will learn how to set up a wordpress blog that is entirely free. It will take about 30 mins. It costs nothing except some of your time. Go through the first post without doing anything then read it again. It is not difficult, read slowly and take it in. Then have a go. There are 4 posts, the first sets up a wordpress blog (this one), the second is your first post where you learn how to put in a picture and video and the third as you surf the web gives you some knowledge and knowledge is power! The fourth is for themes and changing them. There is a Quick Start here, 4 videos. Mouse tips: hold the left mouse button down and drag it over the text, this highlights it. Then right click on it and copy. Go to where you want the text and right click and paste. Try it now to this text! Links: Don’t click on links till you are ready. They can be distracting until you are familiar. Watch the videos full screen.